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Map of Nebraska 41.750N 99.625W

USGS DRG o map of Nebraska 41.750N 99.625W G6 Almeria SW

Mediatype image
Identifier usgs_drg_ne_41099_g6
State Nebraska
Latitude 41.750N
Longitude 99.625W
Landmark Almeria SW
Drg_category o
Drg_xscale 2.438400000000
Drg_rotation 0.000000000000
Drg_translation 0.000000000000
Drg_yscale -2.438400000000
Drg_utm_eastening 436863.139529457199
Drg_utm_northening 4636731.322791647166
Drg_sector G6
Year_created 1949
Year_modified 1952
Publicdate 2006-10-10
Createddate 1952-01-01
Addeddate 2006-10-10


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